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It is believed that the first recorded recipe for marmalade in Britain was written in 1683 by a Scottish gentlewoman named Janet Keiller. Keiller's recipe called for boiling the oranges, removing the pulp, and then boiling the remaining peel with sugar and water to create a thick, sticky jam

Marmalade for everyone proper or improper

Split into two distinct ranges, there is a marmalade for everyone!

"Proper Marmalade"
This is our traditional range. Ideal for slathering on your toast and giving you a good old-fashioned kick in the morning.

"Improper Marmalade"
Our quirkier side. Here you will find marmalades that are not just for toast! Ideal accompaniments for meats, cheeses ... even marmalade for puddings and cakes - a range for the non-traditionalists amongst you.

Award winning products

We believe in TASTE.

All our marmalades are 100% handmade from fresh fruit, simmered until the peel is soft before boiling to a set with sugar. In our opinion, this is the only way to make a good marmalade. The sharpness and clarity of the fruit shines through.

Our Marmalades have gone from strength to strength with numerous Awards including Paddington Bears 'paw' of approval with World Champion, Gold and Silver Awards at the Original Marmalade Festival in Cumbria and many Great Taste Gold Awards, including the Top 50 Products Awards, whittled down from 9,700 entries.

Made in batches of 22 jars, our marmalades have the kick to wake you up in the morning. Why make it yourself?

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Marmalade Awards

We scooped the top prize!

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