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So, just what is Cranfields' Foods?

We are a small company ~ makers of homemade jam, marmalade, chutney, condiments and jelly. Complying with Slow Food principles, we source fruit and vegetables in season and as locally as possible.

This approach has produced 30 Great Taste and Taste of the West Awards in our 6 years of cooking.

We believe in TASTE. Our preserves are high fruit giving a concentrated flavour. We have a minimum fruit content between 60 and 80%, this really means a little can go a long way.

Our Seville Marmalade was named Reserve Speciality Product from the South West in the Great Taste Awards 2006.

Handcut by Louisa and made in batches of 22 jars, this has the kick to wake you up in the morning.

Why make it yourself ?

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  • You will need to sterilise your jars and lids first.

    Easiest way is to wash the jars in hot soapy water, rinse and put in a cool oven until all the water has evaporated and the jars are dry/hot. Let them cool before filling! Alternatively use something like Milton Sterilisation tablets and follow the advice.

    The lids (especially if reusing) must be clean, unscratched and sterilised either by boiling or milton sterilisation. Scrupulously clean jars and lids will minimise the chance of the chutney going mouldy over time.
    Use clean kitchen towel to remove any trace of chutney from the rim before lidding.
    When filled, let cool and give the jars a good wash in case any residue has stuck to the outside.

    If re-using lids use the jam paper circles to put on the surface of the chutney before putting on the lid.
    You can dip the wax papers in brandy before popping them on the top…….great smell when opening, helps the chutney keep and doesn’t hurt the flavour one little bit.

    Once sealed should keep for a year, once opened 3-4 weeks if it lasts that long!

  • Great recipe, can’t wait to try it! Can you tell me how to store and how long it will keep once opened?


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