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Kirsties Damson Jam

Well the programme is aired tonight and I am feeling positively apprehensive.  Positively, because I have been extraordinarily lucky to have had the opportunity to have some air time promoting something very close to my heart....preserving good produce and apprehensive because I came out with some of the most crass comments which I hope will end on the cutting floor.

I take my hat off to Kirstie, she is a damn hard worker with a punishing schedule, a young family and a gift of being nice when tired.  Lets face it, she could be a lady that lunches but isn't.  In case there are any questions, she definitely made the jam  hence she had to get the stones out on the day in the time allocated to filming.

If you want to have a crack at the jam with damsons you may have in the freezer; then count them in, cook them down and leave to go cold.  When you are ready go in with clean hands (they will stain) or thin plastic gloves and count the stones back out.  When they are all out, warm the fruit and add the sugar before cooking to a's the way I do it!

This jam recipe will work with other dark plums, if they are large and the stone can be removed first do it that way, the problem with damsons is that the flesh of the fruit sticks to the stone until cooked.   If using yellow plums substitute lemon zest and use the juice of 3 lemons made up to 290ml with water.  The flavour of a yellow plum is quite different and needs a different boost.

The damson jam recipe is on my brand new website ....exciting!  Hopefully it will all be up and running this evening.  I (substitute  Sam, the IT son-in-law who knows what he's doing) has rejigged the shopping cart so you can buy as many or as few items as you want and included cookery equipment I use to make what I make.  I really believe there is a  resurgence of interest in food that is translating into people having a go.  Brilliant! What better for Christmas than a homemade hamper or, in default, some of our preserves.

I will be putting up a seasonal recipe every month (in the recipe section) in the hope you may be inspired to have a go; I have also posted a couple of boozy recipes on  facebook  and particularly recommend the bramble brandy (still possible) and utterly delicious.  Shamefully my brambles have mainly been diverted from jelly to brandy and worse, they are all gone!

 Click here to view the recipe

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