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Panyan pickle reconstructed.

*PLEASE NOTE - this is an old blog post from 2013 - we no longer sell PanYan Pickle - thank you!*

It may be a little later than I anticipated but I have attempted to replicate panyan pickle based on the ingredients listed on the original jar.  A couple of ingredients have changed, I used cornflour rather than potato starch to thicken the pickle and I suspect I am using a better quality vinegar than the original but, it is done and will soon be for sale in the online shop. This week!

I have based the spicing on all your memories using tamarind, ginger, curry spices etc I need to know if I have got it right.

I do need more feedback, a jar was sent to a panyan pickle lover who says she has tried all panyan pickles on the market.  She responded by buying 6 jars and emailed how much she loved it but said her memory wasn't sharp enough to give true analysis.

To this end the first 10 people who order the pickle online will have the cost of the jar refunded if they are prepared to give me feedback, good or bad, just put the word 'feedback' in the' instructions to seller' and I will refund the purchase.  Unfortunately the postage will still need to be paid and this is £6.00.  Only one free jar per purchaser but of course you can buy anything you want to dilute the postage costs.

Alternatively email me and I can invoice you I am useless at technology.


PanYan Pickle

May 27, 2013 by Victoria Cranfield
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colin anscombe

colin anscombe said:

ok 4 jars in post of version 2 (1 smashed unfortunately) I can say its much closer than version 1, It has the right look and taste is good.

Comments from memory of Panyan I can remember the carrots not being quiett so soft , on first taste the curry flavour is just a shade too much.

Improvement on version 1 rated a 5 out of 10, version 2 defo 7 out of 10.


cranfields said:

Sorry about the smashed jar, will remedy that, the final version will be out sometime in the New Year.
I have learnt there is no such thing as a collective memory, I should have known this, when I have a jar of anything out for tasting, everyone tastes the same jar differently. The final version will be tweaked as to texture and spicing then I am afraid I will be sticking with my ‘variation’ it will never be the ‘same’ for everyone and indeed I use different vinegars and thickening agents and probably spices so it can’t be.
Thank you to everyone who has raised constructive criticism and for those few that have been ‘disappointed’ I am sorry. There was never a recipe to follow, I hadn’t tasted the pickle, this was an experiment. However I hope those that have had mark 2 have enjoyed it and everyone has a great Christmas.

colin anscombe

colin anscombe said:

I can only thank you for making the effort to get as close as you can. I used to live on PanYan so I very much appreciate your efforts. Will be buying for ages. so thanks


cranfields said:

Thank you!


cranfields said:

Hi Colin
Thank you Colin for your analysis and I appreciate the idea of a version number, good idea.
I have added more curry powder but I suspect the mildness (depending on the version you tried) is also due to the fact I am using wine vinegar instead of spirit vinegar. I ‘m afraid I won’t use spirit vinegar as I don’t like it. The dark hue of the original panyan was due to added colouring (caramel) I don’t think this should affect the taste.
I am not able to do another version at the moment as seasonal fruit is in full flow but will let you know if I do.

Alan reed

Alan reed said:

Trying really hard to get my hands on pan yan pickle. Even looking through cranfieldsfood website I just cannot get it. Although it’s mentioned it’s not on the order list, help please


cranfields said:

Sorry it has been out of stock but is back on site this evening.

Marc Gregory du Pille

Marc Gregory du Pille said:

My recollection was that it was similar to Branston pickle, although less brown in colour and a lot less vinegary. It had a bit more yellow in it, mellower, smoother and sweeter.

Gina DeFiorè

Gina DeFiorè said:

I absolutely loved PanYan, I know when it was still around they changed the recipe slightly and it wasn’t the same, have been trying to find this for years, I must admit your one looks very light in colour and big chunks of veg etc, it was a sweeter taste, I preferred it more than Branston.

colin anscombe

colin anscombe said:

Bought one to try as a pan yan lover. Not bad attempt would agree needs to be darker (I remember the yellow showing through when spread).

The vegetable pieces seem the right size as I remember them just the taste a lot milder. as suggested above slightly more curry powder.

Final suggestion put a version number on, as I would like to try batch v2.0.

excellent job for trying

Pan Yan Pickle recipe | Cranfields' Foods Blog

Pan Yan Pickle recipe | Cranfields' Foods Blog said:

[…] May 2013 ….. http://cranfieldsfoods.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/panyan-pickle-reconstructed/   Better late than […]

Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson said:

Oh Yummy – This is a lot better than my amateurish attempt and is close to what I remember.

The colour is lighter than the original.
I used Muscovado sugar and malt vinegar in my attempt and the colour looked about right with the yellow of the turmeric showing through more when it was spread.
(I wouldn’t be surprised if they used Molasses in the original recipe and not thought it necessary to list it in the ingredients)
Your is also slightly more runny than I remember and the ‘tang’ Is milder – a touch more curry powder needed perhaps?

Overall though this is a lovely pickle and It was a lovely accompaniment to my first ploughman’s lunch for years 

Very many thanks,
Tony Johnson.


cranfields said:

Thank you Tony, I will use potato starch next time as I have sourced some and that was on the original ingredient sheet. Logged what you say about the curry note and look forward to other comments….still a few free jars for feedback purposes if anyone else in the UK wants to try.

Jenny Eatwell

Jenny Eatwell said:

Hiya! I just wondered whether you were still making your PanYan-alike? We were reminded of the delight that is PanYan by my Mum over the weekend and decided to see whether it was still available. :)

Paul Tyler

Paul Tyler said:

Mark comparing Panyan pickle is totally wrong. Branson Pickle tastes nothing like Panyan Pickle. Personally I cannot stand Bramston Pickle. The closest I have tasted to Panyan was Heinz Tangy Pickle but now Heinz have renamed it “Sandwich Pickle” and it no longer tastes anything like it. My question is where can I purchase Cornfields Panyan pickles and can I purchase online?

Peter Smith

Peter Smith said:

I seem to remember that it was originally made by McConochie’s, although I cannot remember if that is the correct spelling. I remember eating it back in the late nineteen-fifties.

I am certainly going to try it!


tom said:

Hi will you be stocking the pickle again ?

Tony Baldwin

Tony Baldwin said:

There is nothing like panjan pickle, my nan used
to have it in her pantry. I say this because we used it on everything it was in the early 1950’s that we first tasted this pickle. Me and my wife have been looking for this product for years.
It would be nice to try you latest recipe to see our it compairs.

Nicola Jordan

Nicola Jordan said:

My father in law loves Panyan pickle please help me find some for him. Help!!!

Brian Marshall

Brian Marshall said:

I used to be a Pan Yan pickle lover and was very annoyed and upset when it disappeared. I must say that it used to look nothing like your product, being a much more even dark brown colour with no lumps bigger than about 1/4" cubed. One of the ingredients was listed as ‘Rutabaga’, and no-one in the house knew what this was, so I had to look it up to find that it is yellow swede. ‘Caramel’ was also listed. In my version I use Dark Soy Sauce as a substitute for the Caramel as it adds both colour and taste. My latest attempt is getting close to how I remember it, but not quite right yet. I’ll add some more Madras curry powder to the next batch. Latest batch was made Jan 9th 2017, so ‘maturing’ now before bottling !

john king

john king said:

where in Cardiff can I buy pan yan pickle please, or must I order by post

John key

John key said:

When will the latest batch of pan tan be ready to purchase kind regards


sidneyellis said:

i think it contained rhudabager


Jo said:

Hi, do you still make the pan yan pickle reconstruction? Would love to buy some for my mum, another big fan of pan yan.

Jenny Pepper

Jenny Pepper said:

Is it still possible to purchase Pan Yan pickle from you?

s horton

s horton said:

where can I buy a jar yhanks

s horton

s horton said:

please can you let me know when I can purchase a jar thanks

Roger Silvester

Roger Silvester said:

I live in Lingfield in Surrey. RH7 6BP. Where can I buy the reconstructed PanYan pickle?

Robert giles

Robert giles said:

Are you still making panyan pickle ???


claire said:

Hi do you have any pan yan pickle to buy my 91 year old father would love to try some. Many thanks Claire

steve smith

steve smith said:

If there’s anymore jars of “pan Yan”going, I have no problems with feedback.having been making both preserves, chutneys,for over 10yrs, I still have an original jar of “pan Yan” found in the very back of my late mum’s larder!!!!!( Unopened)and so it will remain.i. I torture myself everyone I look at it, 14yrs so far.

Tony foster

Tony foster said:

Got a recipe from the internet for panhandle pickle was close but very sweet so any other recipe either remade would like to buy and try it

Phillipa Ward

Phillipa Ward said:

Hi. My Dad goes on and on about Panyan pickle and I would love to source some for him. I see that this blog is a few years old but I’m hoping somebody can help me out.
It’d be nice to make him really smile. X



Is anyone there? Specifically, someone making Pan Yan Pickle? I last had some from Cranfields about four years ago, and my withdrawal symptoms are something dreadful. I live in hope that somewhere, some dear soul is keeping the flame alive (under the Pan Yan cauldron, of course)

Irene Mellini

Irene Mellini said:

I can’t wait to taste this new pickle, I have memories from my childhood and grandma always using it with newly baked ham and salad.

Mrs Barbara Goodman

Mrs Barbara Goodman said:

If my memory serves me right, the original Pan Yan was made by Machonochies. I am going back to the 40’s and 50’s.

John Henry

John Henry said:

Any free jars left, been searching for a replacement for years, my Fiance has never heard of Panyan so cannot wait for her to try it.
I even loved the original jar shape.
Thank you
John and Zara

Sue walsh

Sue walsh said:

Do you have a receipe for pan Yan pickle, as I see your not making it any more. Please can you help
Many thanks sue walsh

carol fitzgerald

carol fitzgerald said:

i left the uk in 1964 to live in australia i used to love pan yan pickle. the add used to say
knife fork & pan yan. i am 70 now so i look with interest at all the comments. i make my own jams and pickles. hopefully i will find some recipes for pan yan. the internet has made so many things possible.


Jacqui said:

Do you still sell Pan Yan? I’d love to have it again, but I can’t see it anywhere on your site?

Alan Collins

Alan Collins said:

I would love to try your Panyan pickle. Can I get it from you online I’m having difficulty finding it on your website?

Janet Newton

Janet Newton said:

Are you still making your version of Pan Yan pickle please? Hope so. Many thanks, Janet

Sally Thompson

Sally Thompson said:

Do you still do your version of Pan Yan pickle?
Many thanks
Sally Thompson


Pozzo said:

I too have been trying to recreate this pickle, which I ate regularly as a child. I seems to have consisted mainly of swede, which gave it a pronounced yellow tinge. The later jar labels attested to modified starch, which would be something like maltodextrin, a thickener widely used in the food industry. I think cornflour is likely to be the best substitute. I doubt we can really remember tastes with accuracy: certainly British people have acquired a much greater tolerance to spices than we had 40 or 50 years ago. What we now regard as mild and soothing would have brought us out in a sweat in those days.

Margaret Hayes

Margaret Hayes said:

Would like to buy a couple of jars for a friend who has nostalgic memories. My Mum and Dad sold it in our village shop before WWII. What do I do?

Gerald Daniel

Gerald Daniel said:

Are you still providing your version of Pan Yan Pickle ? Hopefully you can help

Georgina Calam

Georgina Calam said:

Everybody loved it. I bought some com Cranfields the other year, just as good.
Wish we could still get it. It would be popular.

Adrian Richardson

Adrian Richardson said:

Hi is the pan yan pickle back on sale yet ?

Philip Moran

Philip Moran said:

I have tried to get PanYan pickle since it’s demise. So I am asking whether you have some?
I am a retired former product developer in the food industry and my taste buds have been scientifically tested in the past so if I can help with feedback, I would be delighted to help. But, I am very interested in buying some for my cold turkey.Can you help?

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