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Panyan pickle reconstructed.

*PLEASE NOTE - this is an old blog post from 2013 - we no longer sell PanYan Pickle - thank you!*

It may be a little later than I anticipated but I have attempted to replicate panyan pickle based on the ingredients listed on the original jar.  A couple of ingredients have changed, I used cornflour rather than potato starch to thicken the pickle and I suspect I am using a better quality vinegar than the original but, it is done and will soon be for sale in the online shop. This week!

I have based the spicing on all your memories using tamarind, ginger, curry spices etc I need to know if I have got it right.

I do need more feedback, a jar was sent to a panyan pickle lover who says she has tried all panyan pickles on the market.  She responded by buying 6 jars and emailed how much she loved it but said her memory wasn't sharp enough to give true analysis.

To this end the first 10 people who order the pickle online will have the cost of the jar refunded if they are prepared to give me feedback, good or bad, just put the word 'feedback' in the' instructions to seller' and I will refund the purchase.  Unfortunately the postage will still need to be paid and this is £6.00.  Only one free jar per purchaser but of course you can buy anything you want to dilute the postage costs.

Alternatively email me and I can invoice you I am useless at technology.


PanYan Pickle

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  • I have tried to get PanYan pickle since it’s demise. So I am asking whether you have some?
    I am a retired former product developer in the food industry and my taste buds have been scientifically tested in the past so if I can help with feedback, I would be delighted to help. But, I am very interested in buying some for my cold turkey.Can you help?

    Philip Moran
  • Hi is the pan yan pickle back on sale yet ?

    Adrian Richardson
  • Everybody loved it. I bought some com Cranfields the other year, just as good.
    Wish we could still get it. It would be popular.

    Georgina Calam

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