"The Queen
of Condiments"
Kirstie Allsopp
"The finest jams, chutneys and pickles I have ever eaten"
Clarissa Dickson Wright
"It's just me and a slotted spoon love"
Victoria Cranfield

Wedding Favours

Last year I was approached independently by 3 brides wanting wedding favours for their guests. We managed to produce colour co-ordinated jars which complemented both evening and breakfast feasts.

It lead me to consider offering this as a service which I am due to launch at the Exeter Festival of Food and Drink.  I can provide a selection of small jars of preserves, chutneys and jellies as wedding favours with:

.     Personalised labels

.     Award winning seasonal flavours

.    A wide palette of natural colours

.    Local sourcing

An opportunity to provide a memorable, tasteful and inexpensive keepsake for your guests, perfect for:

Wedding breakfasts……..damson, raspberry or loganberry, apricot, greengage, marmalade

Lunch or Dinner…….chilli jam, spiced apple chutney or a cool lime pickle

For any time…..flower jellies, spice or herb jellies

.     Minimum order 30

.     Priced between £2.50 and £3.00 each .

     Contribution to delivery £10

If anyone is interested please contact me with your telephone number so I can ring you to discuss what you might want!

Cranfields' on Kirstie's Homemade Christmas!

Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas will be on Channel 4 from 8th-10th December at 8pm

Cranfields' Foods will feature on Kirstie's Homemade Christmas during episodes 2 & 3 airing on the 9th & 10th December 2009

Crafty Kirstie Allsopp is back for a spectacular 3-part special that will see her create the perfect homemade Christmas.

Earlier this year, Kirstie turned her dilapidated Devon cottage from a shell to a chic vision of country living.

Now, with the festive season just round the corner, Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas will see her use Meadowgate as a base to take viewers on a yuletide journey of decorating, wonderful gifts and perfect entertaining.

Kirstie will be embracing crafts from around the country and her own love of doing up and making do to create the perfect Homemade Christmas.  

Among the craftspeople taking part in this festival of craft is Victoria Cranfield of Cranfields Foods in North Devon who shows Kirstie how to make Cranfields’s Boxing Day Chutney and Cranberry and Mulled Wine Relish for Kirsties hamper and the Christmas table.

Victoria said: ‘It was fascinating to meet Kirstie and be involved in the filming both at Meadowgate and at home, the enthusiasm and warmth shown by her in previous series is genuine, which made the whole experience very enjoyable. Luckily Kirstie had bought some of my preserves at a Charity craft fair and enjoyed them, you never know where sales can lead!’

Packed with brilliant tips and information, the series will be a goldmine of great and creative ideas that the viewers can replicate at home.

Each day, Kirstie will take on a theme and offer viewers the perfect guide to transforming any home into a Christmas spectacle – from Christmas decorations and hand- and homemade presents, to perfect Christmas entertaining with plenty of food, drink and general merriment.

If you would like to buy either of the preserves featured they are available through our website or for a full list of stockists visit www.cranfieldsfoods.com or telephone Victoria on 01271 850842

Merry Christmas!